Range Lake North School Safety Plan

Dear RLN Parents and Families,

Since March 15, I have been actively dealing with an incident which occurred on that day which resulted in the arrest of one of our students. The student has been charged with 3 counts of uttering threats. This information was disclosed to a staff member and no students were directly threatened. At no time were any of our students or staff under immediate threat.

There have been some concerns raised regarding how this information was shared with parents at RLN. I would like to take a minute to explain what happened. On the morning of March 21, I was working at the District Office to complete 2 tasks. One was to write a statement that was released prior to the RCMP press release which was issued that afternoon. The second was to write an e-mail to all of our parents to notify them of this incident prior to the press release going to local media outlets. Both of these things were completed and the e-mail was sent at 11:15. Our school secretary is responsible for sending messages to our parent e-mail group and although Ms. Pat is no longer at our school, she assisted me by sending the e-mail out. What we didn't realize is that during that same time, her account was being disabled since she is no longer an employee at YK 1. This resulted in the e-mail not actually going through. I became aware of this on Saturday afternoon and contacted a staff member at the District Office - he was able to send the updated e-mail through the RLN newsletter e-mail group. At this point, there was a concern raised that I had simply copied and pasted the original e-mail and that I had never actually sent it out. I want to be clear that I would never betray your trust by pretending to communicate with you when I had not. You have my word that I did create and send the original e-mail on the morning of March 21 - unfortunately technology does not always behave in the way that we expect it to. 

Since we became aware of this threat, I have been in regular contact with the RCMP as well as the Prosecutor's Office. I have created a safety plan that will be in place when students return on Tuesday. The plan includes the following:

1) Aside from the front door, all exterior entrances will remain locked during the day

2) We have increased the number of security cameras and all 4 exterior doors are now monitored

3) A monitor is being installed in the office so that we are able to view, in real time, anyone coming and going from those 4 doors

4) The hardware on all classroom doors is being enhanced to increase security once the door is locked

5) Our staff will be meeting early Tuesday morning to debrief what has occurred over the Spring Break - at that time we will review our procedures for lock downs

6) A lock down practice will be held on Thursday - students and staff will be notified of the day and time beforehand

7) Before Thursday, I will personally go to every homeroom to review the lock down procedures. As with fire drills, we are required to practice lock downs throughout the year so this will be our Spring practice

8) The student who was charged will not be allowed to return to school until we are satisfied that it is safe to do so. We are also working with other community agencies to ensure that this student receives appropriate intervention and support

I would like to reiterate my commitment to the safety and wellbeing of everyone, students and staff, at RLN School. I am taking this incident very seriously and have been addressing the various aspects of it throughout the Spring Break. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact me at yasemin.heyck@yk1.nt.ca