Important Contact Information

Thanks to all the parents who came out to the Parent Advisory Committee meeting! As we discussed, here are the links to our Minister of Education, our city MLAs, and YK1 Board. Write to them to express your concerns about the facilities report, particularly the importance of maintaining the programs, staff and administration in our K-8 school. 

Click here to read the Facilities Report

Minister of Education:

Kevin O'Reilly- Frame Lake Kevin_O'
Kieron Testart - Kam Lake
Glen Abernethy- Great Slave
Caroline Cochrane - Range Lake
Cory Vanthuyne - Yellowknife North
Julie Green- Yellowknife Center
Bob McLeod- Yellowknife South

YK1 Board
John Stephenson - Chairperson: |
Allan Shortt Vice-Chair: |
Terry Brooks:
Jay Butler: |

Rajiv Rawat:

Tina Drew:

Satish Garikaparthi:

Principal at RLNS

Yasemin Heyck: