Junior Kindergarten / Kindergarten FAQs

Early Drop-off – After-school Programming - Staggered Starts

The following is an important announcement for parents of JK-8 students attending Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (YK1) schools this year.

1. Junior Kindergarten Early Drop-off

Because there is no transportation agreement in place for junior kindergarten (JK) students, YK1 will accommodate parents by allowing them to drop off their children at their school by 8:00 a.m., if required. This accommodation only applies to parents of JK students.

2. After-school Programming for Junior Kindergarten Students

YK1 is pleased to inform the parents of JK students that after-school programming will be provided for those who need it. An update will be provided at the beginning of next week.

3. Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Staggered Starts

Since JK and K classes are staggered the first week of school, parents have the freedom to register their children for a staggered start or full-time start for the week. Please contact the school directly to let the principal or secretary know if your child will attend the full week.

We thank parents for their patience and look forward to a great school year.